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Weird Artifact On Window Corner When Using Smaller Title Bars


The FFmpeg stream index is relatively arbitrary, but useful when interacting with other software using FFmpeg (consider ffprobe). Rick BrewsterFriday, 29 April 2011 23:06:27 UTCScott,Is it worth mentioning the size of the img tag when embedding the snapshot in the web page? I've only noticed this after having restarted after Lost Coast was released; however, I have not downloaded or installed LC on this computer or this account. --Maven (talk) 19:08, 27 Oct It makes both you and the word look unprofessional." - Me, just now.Perhaps, but nearly all blogs are personal--ie, non-professional--by design.Craig StevensThursday, 07 April 2011 10:06:26 UTCThis bugs me a lot http://voipforisp.com/windows-10/weird-window-freezing.php

Select any game with a clipped title 4. Some demuxers fail to seek to a keyframe before the given target position, going to a later position instead. Both of these options use the same syntax and semantics; the only difference is that they operate on different codec lists. Third party games who don't specify their URL link to the steam folder in their properties page--ts2do (talk) 19:26, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT) Again please???

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I don't care about your add-ins or your browser bookmarks. Dropped: 4. Don't get me wrong, SnagIt is an awesome tool. I am using 17.Like or Dislike: 0 1 Reply ↓ thankya The registry trick seems to work except for the formula.

How do I get it back into the screen? What a shame they don't put a fraction of that effort into reducing the bloat, and eliminating the need to reboot after every update! If no is given, the video is never rotated, even if the file has rotation metadata. (The rotation value is added to the rotation metadata, which means the value 0 would Windows 10 Dragging Windows Problem The first time it tried them the voices was in french (but the starting cinematic in englis); then i reloaded a "developer game" at the second chapter for not redo the

June 3, 2011 @Dave AMEN DAVE! O Toggle OSD states between normal and playback time/duration. You've got to trawl through every one adding your options. http://newwikipost.org/topic/vhlvxyIFxYXDG3uu79Rdl08ygsKHgYWp/Now-you-can-have-COLORED-INACTIVE-TITLE-BARS.html if you like it its on…just like a light switch.

Here, set the desired height of the title bar. Prevent Windows From Being Automatically Arranged When Moved To The Edge Of The Screen to reduce it and bypass the title bar height limit caused by the font size. Back button in Store window always active even if there is no "back" page to visit. This option is disabled if the --no-keepaspect option is used. --video-align-x=<-1-1>, --video-align-y=<-1-1> Moves the video rectangle within the black borders, which are usually added to pad the video to screen if

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It takes only a second, but it lives in your post forever and helps the visually impaired participate. http://superuser.com/questions/44290/vlc-has-gone-over-the-top-left-of-the-screen-how-do-i-move-it It makes both you and the word look unprofessional." - Me, just nowShouldn't that be word? Disable Aero Snap Windows 10 Options that work without values can be enabled by setting them to yes and disabled by setting them to no. Turn Off Automatic Window Resizing Windows 10 If you wish to have a configuration file for a file called 'video.avi', create a file named 'video.avi.conf' with the file-specific options in it and put it in ~/.config/mpv/.

See my first comment above. ;) Ah, now I see you noticed it. check over here TERMINAL STATUS LINE During playback, mpv shows the playback status on the terminal. I have to use Windows 7 because they make me, but to me, Window 7 is just the biggest computer virus in history. Quick, simple, and easy to integrate.Stuart ThompsonThursday, 07 April 2011 16:57:50 UTCI think you missed the biggest tip.DON'T TAKE SCREENSHOTS OF CODE!Seriously, it's text. Disable Auto Maximize Windows 10

This option is disabled if the --no-keepaspect option is used. --video-pan-x=, --video-pan-y= Moves the displayed video rectangle by the given value in the X or Y direction. Have the same problem but no way to fix.The prevent windows from is not there? I like to play a videos or TV (via flash player) on #2 monitor in full mode while working on #1 monitor. his comment is here so to flick a window half of the screen is as easy as grabbing it a little off centre instead.

Before the Update they did so I know its not a typo in the Gameinfo.txt --Tandem Fixation Non-Steam games shortcuts always created with Steam icon, instead should be used game icon. Show Window Contents While Dragging Windows 10 Don't think there could be a better learning path.Luis RoblesThursday, 07 April 2011 15:42:00 UTCI like using this combination of stuff to crunch down my PNGs:https://gist.github.com/343231#file_send_to_png.batWorks great from the Send To No worries!Merill - Yes, I mention that Notepad trick and demo it in the post above.

See also: --start. --playlist-start= Set which file on the internal playlist to start playback with.

February 9, 2011 alban Thanks I always forget that the option to turn this vile behavior off is hidden away under "Making the Mouse Easier to use." I like to arrange Some FFmpeg demuxers might not respect this option. Not sure I agree with you about classic & basic themes, does it really matter? Disable Windows Shake I actually found it.

When I move the bar of the app around (disappearing below the start menu bar) then bring it up again, the problem is gone. This is apparently the default behavior with VLC, at least with Matroska. What do I need to do to modify active and inactive states? http://voipforisp.com/windows-10/get-windows-10-icon-in-the-bottom-right-corner.php The mouse input is being received on the computer, but the cursor is just gone.

It can also be fixed by giving an option to disable the link drag feature, or removing it entirely. Kay thanks. I cannot produce this. --Steamfraiser 07:50, 28 Mar 2006 (PST) On server browser, Attempting to enable "secure server" tab, resulted in steam not-responsible for about 20sec', then it was ok, and It names a place where many people live How honest should one be with their students when talking about the realities of academia?

Use ALT text Try to use ALT text for all your screenshots. The loop-points can be adjusted at runtime with the corresponding properties. No[...]CategoriesAndroidArticlesC#Classic ShellCursorsDropboxEmailFirefoxGiveawayGoogleGoogle ChromeHardwareInternet ExplorerLinuxMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft SurfaceOperaScripts and tweaksSkyDriveSkypeSoftwareThunderbirdUncategorizedVivaldiWallpapersWinaero TweakerWindowsWindows 10Windows 7Windows 7 ThemesWindows 8Windows 8 ThemesWindows 8.1Windows 9Windows AccessoriesWindows BlueWindows File ExplorerWindows soundsWindows ThemepacksWordpressYoutubeTags3D Abstract Animals Bing Black theme Buildings command Just today I found out about a couple of (FREE!) tools that make quality screenshots much easier.

See this square corner? This should be done after every update. --Tandem Fixation Original HL Mods that don't use or have icons will sometimes have what seems to be a random icon by them (sometimes Thanks for pointing it out!Scott HanselmanThursday, 07 April 2011 17:48:08 UTCGreat post. f Toggle fullscreen (see also --fs).

You obviously need to "Check" the checkbox. Note that the scaler algorithm may still be used, even if the video isn't scaled. BEST OF HOW-TO GEEK How to Run Windows Software on a Chromebook 5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your OS X Mac How To Check If Your Account Passwords Looks like a bug to me.

Examples --video-aspect=4:3 or --video-aspect=1.3333 --video-aspect=16:9 or --video-aspect=1.7777 --no-video-aspect or --video-aspect=no --video-aspect-method= This sets the default video aspect determination method (if the aspect is _not_ overridden by the user with --video-aspect or See --sub-ass-vsfilter-aspect-compat for more info. But a simpler way would be to do what an earlier poster said, if you grab the window off-centre you WILL be able to drag it to another monitor.