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Dual Boot Install Error - Win 7 Partitions Relettered

I assumed it would be a simple matter to extend the cloning to my new SSD drive. My six logical data drives are named: j drive lower, j drive video, k drive lower, k drive video, L drive lower, L drive video. The Win 7 installer states I won't be able to use the older version of windows so I didn't continue, is this normal? Now 64 bit Windows 7 has been installed. http://voipforisp.com/dual-boot/how-install-dual-boot-after-win-7-has-been-installed.php

That worked. Anyway, I read the various tutorials and I have used nlite to put sata drivers into my win xp install iso/cd. For a 100 dollar additional investment I now have two SSD partitioned drives giving me both software and hardware protection. First, in Programs and Features, I uninstalled programs that I would not be using on the notebook (e.g., video editing). http://www.sevenforums.com/installation-setup/307299-dual-boot-install-error-win-7-partitions-relettered.html

I used EasyBCD to force the Win 7 boot, now I can't get to XP. 0 Back to top #18 clayman1000x clayman1000x TEG Forum Member Members 191 posts Gender:Male Location:Michigan Posted Only programs or systems that have been signed by these public keys can be loaded. So now I have three devices (two SSDs and 5,400 rpm USB hard drive) powered by USB ports and even though I have an expansion quad USB 3 card, I'm beginning

Please point me to relevant topics if you know them. I wondered if the DISKPART command-line tool would provide asolution. Thank you.It may take our support staff between 24-48 hours to respond to your problem. I'll get back later after I try the recovery console, I know absolutely nothing about command line but would love to learn more about it. 0 Back to top #10 Smokey

Well then, how to dual boot Windows 7 when Windows 8 has been pre-installed? The keyboard would not let me type "cmd" -- it was giving me "c0d" instead -- but fortunately there was a drop-down cmd option. There, it stalled and, after a minute or so, it rebooted. This time, I did something a little different from before.

Dual boot is native to Windows 7, but free utility EasyBCD makes setting it up much easier than trying to use the techy Windows commands. I need to shrink an existing partition on disk 0 to create an unallocated space: Right click a partition like partition C and choose “Shrink Volume” feature from the popup menu; http://www.wtv-zone....ld/24/party.htm Who cares you have an ultimate cd of windows 7, that where and what we should be looking. As a result, it cannot be loaded if secure boot is enabled. 3.If you are going to install Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit) to a MBR disk, please

One backup vendor (Acronis) even said on their web site, clones have limited utility as backup. Surprisingly no one seems have yet figured out a trick to bypass this Window's booting restriction on other versions of Windows. If you have created such a partition, please skip to installation directly. However, if there is only one hard disk, install different OS in different partition.

If I need to re-think what I'm doing, tell me. weblink Under this situation, we can only install 64 bit Windows 7 on a GPT disk. For this to work the computer needs two free Sata connectors on its motherboard. I use clone software to periodically copy my main hard drive to the 2nd drive, which I designate as a clone drive, and to keep things simple it is used only

Normally both drive will be kept powered so I can periodically update the clone. This will allow me to use it as a fast data drive, and by switching to AHCI I can experiment with it booting a clean copy of Windows 7 I installed I have no intention of 'upgrading' to horrible Window 8, so I have covered all bases to stay with Windows 7. navigate here This protects me well from software problems, but to protect me from a hardware failure of the SSD, I recently bought a second Crucial M500 240 Gbyte SSD (price now down

Most of the time, Windows 7 hasn’t been signed. Clone update in 5 min! Or maybe you could try a different bootable USB drive.

My desktop computer modified for speed and redundancy (3/30/16) Added internally: 2 port eSata to Sata slot plate bracket (Startech) Added internally: 4 ports PCI-E to USB 3 expansion card Added

High speed flash tends to be very expensive and this is a cheap one, so I suspect it is going to crawl, but if it works at all, it doesn't really It got as far as listing AtiPcie.sys. Clone software is used to copy (clone) the main drive to the 2nd drive, make it bootable and keep it periodically updated. If both Legacy BIOS and UEFI BIOS are supported, we are able to install Windows 8 to a MBR disk or install 64 bit Windows 8 on a GPT disk.

When I went at it from inside 7zip, the recommended "Open Inside" command did nothing. Now for good measure copy the boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect.com files from your xp drive over to win7 drive. SSD lower partition is my main OS drive, the other three are clones (of varying ages). his comment is here Another post clarified that the single thing I most clearly needed was the driver for the hard drive controller -- but even then, it still sounded like I also needed chipset

I am thinking that I should just delete the 7 install and boot record for it then maybe I could get back into XP. Then I restarted a session of explorer.exe (using File > New Task right there in Task Manager) and tried again to get into Control Panel. Allows a bare (internal style) sata hard drive to be used as a fast external drive. Good clone software is fast, able to update a 50 Gbyte clone drive in as little as five minutes, and really fast when cloning SSDs (solid state drives) with times as

I have tried every trick to get around this roadblock, but to date without success. The keyboard was still screwed up, so I tried typing it using ASCII codes: hold down the Alt key, type the three-letter code, and then let go of the Alt key I can see that the backup copy is there, I just can't access it, Macrium has been running for over an hour now and is getting nowhere, HDD led not even Pavilion 550-016 uses a Memphis2-S motherboard and from a picture of it I can see three Sata connectors (space for four, but the 4th is not installed).

Windows 7: Dual Boot Install Error - Win 7 Partitions Relettered 05 Oct 2013 #1 tjg79 Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 487 posts Dual Boot Install Error - This allows the hard drive in beginning to just sit outside case powered by brick and provides a long sata cable to plug it into motherboard. It wouldn't let me delete a built-in account. It occurred to me that, of course, I had been rewriting the external USB drive with the contents of the inf and drivers folders on the desktop PC, not from the

since I'm already using a x64 Windows 7...so why is this happening?   Also, besides from that.