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BSOD crash problem

BSOD Errors - Tried everything i could

BSOD while gaming or netflix streaming

BSOD During Game Loading. Memory Dump Issue With Log.

BSOD playing every game

BSOD while watching streams

BSOD when installing/rendering and randomly

BSOD occurred 2 times - no idea on cause

My HP laptop with windows 7 with not go pass start up blue screen.

4 different BSODs in two months


Win 7 Blue screen crash at start up

BSOD - Crashing

BSOD When running to many programs

BSOD using internet

Blue screen of death(?)

BSOD on my machine too

Ive been geting BSOD ever since I bought this computer

Random Bluescreen

BSOD error. Expertice needed.

BSOD randomly shutdown pc

Windows error recovery & bsod

Multiple BSODs after new GPU install

BSOD on system boot

Constant BSOD for first time startups*

BSOD after start-up error0x000001E

BSOD after logging in from sleep mode.

BSOD in Windows 7 - How do I resolve

BSOD - Tried Most Everything

BSOD What is Wrong?

Random Blue Screen now for 6 months .


BSOD on HP Elitebook

BSOD when trying to open email through windows start menu.

Blue screen when inserting headphones

A few different BSODs.

BSOD just browsing on chrome

BSOD intermittently

BSOD on startup

BSOD. Any clues please?

Bsode 50 when i play online games

BSOD when in certain games

Random BSOD while playing video games

A least six different and frequent BSOD errors

Blue Screen error (not BSOD) after restart

BSOD - during sleep mode

Blue Screen Every Day?!

BSoD after adding/deleting a partition

Blue screen if optical drive disconnected

new machine bsod a lot

BSOD while watching YouTube video

BSOD: Can't Reinstall Windows?

BSOD while connecting controller via MotionJoy

Win7-32bit BSOD problem

Often Blue screen [system_service_exception] dmp.file attached

BSOD for a while now Fresh install and I get another one

Blue Screen (ntoskrnl.exe)


HELP! Blue Screen of Death

BSOD while LiveStreaming

BSOD on recently build computer when starting up

BSOD on standby

BSOD playing heavy load games

BSOD often when booting but also during use

Regular BSOD on Shutdown

BSOD Crashes on HP Tablet.Kinda lost here.

Random BSOD few idle and few playing.

Multiple Different BSODs Randomly Occurring again.

Random BSOD's when playing games

BSOD on browser start up

Blue Screen 32 bit

Can anyone please help me with my BSOD issues

Blue Screen 1033 Help !

BSOD mainly 1e crashes in Windows 7

random BSOD occuring on new windows install

Double BSOD Crash Error

Another BlueScreen crash. Please Help

Continued BSOD

BSOD after Windows start-up

BSOD errors. multiple times during multiple programs

Two BSOD - Recent build

BSOD Help - Minidump info included

How do I resolve BSOD

Blue screen Win7 64 bit

BSOD while browsing - recently reformatted drive

BSOD Playing Graphically intense games

BSOD occurs every 6 days

Driver causes BSOD

BSOD while internet surfing

BSOD during normal browsing activity

Multiple BSODs for about a week after updating various programs

First ever BSOD

BSOD as system sleeps

Two back-to-back BSoDs

BSOD playing any game

Custom Build PC. Diffrent BSOD messages.

BSOD Installing drivers after a fresh windows install

Recurring BSOD

BSOD on a regular basis. help!

Random BSOD mainly during games

Blue Screen Error on my WIN7 OS

blue screen and getting error when reinstall window7

BSOD may be audiocard related

BSOD During Sleep/Hibernation

BSOD on shutdown

BSOD 0x00000116

BSOD on 7 Pro clean install

BSOD while using Skype

Repeat BSOD

Occasional BSOD

BSOD's after reinstall W7-64bit

BSOD at startup

BSOD on New Computer

BSOD twice at the beginning of each day

Bluescreen Issue

Several BSOD on my new PC

How do I fix this problem with the blue screen?

BSOD problem!

Occasional BSOD - need help resolving

BSOD but will boot and connect to internet when in safe mode

Out of the Blue BSOD from my once perfect machine

BSOD soon after start up and windows always recovers.

BSOD occurs occasionally and drivers wont load.

BSOD success story

BSOD after unplugging HDMI-Cable from Intel NUC

BSOD upon shutdown

Window64 BSOD a few times after Loading Screen

My first BSOD. help needed :(

BSOD - Random - May be a hardware issue

BSOD Doing everyday actions on my computer

BSOD while playing video games

booting up pc BSOD

BSOD Help please! =(

BSOD every few minutes after installing new SSD

BSOD caused by bad motherboard

BSOD caused by Trojan?

BSOD when I play full screen games requiring a constant connection

Some fixes for BSOD.

Blue screen help!

First Random BSOD on Newly-Built PC

BSOD seconds after startup.

BSOD While Computer Starts up

BSOD regularly while gaming

Help with this bsod

BSOD 3 times

BSOD Regularly during gaming

What is the cause of my BSOD?

BSOD on Standby or Hibernate - on two different systems

BSOD Help - I believe it is a hardware issue

BSOD randomly happening after installing SP1 WIN 7

Got A Blue Screen Result

bluescreen problem

BSOD's on new machine

Windows 7 64-bit BSOD after upgrading RAM

blue screen of death random applications memory dump

Dell Computer (BSOD / Freezing)

Getting frequent BSOD

BSOD On Starting up my computer!

BSOD using laptop during vacation

BSOD while playing

BSOD usually when gaming

Are these memory timings causing crashes and bsod?

BSOD after login

BSOD while computer being Idle or when comming back from sleep

BSOD after updating drivers

Bluescreen crashes

BSOD (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit)

More BSOD and system crashing/not starting

BSOD On Startup / Accessing New HD / Accessing Internet

BSOD Accessing internet

BSOD at login screen

BSOD while working in MS Office

BSOD window 7

BSOD at totall random after updating intel drivers

BSODing after second reformat

BSOD (video driver most likely)

BSOD cannot read error (quickly moves to a different screen)

BSOD when booting up any game!

BSOD with different errors

Several Different BSOD Before Getting Into Windows

Driver gives random bsod

BSOD upon initial startup

BSOD while browsing help needed to understand the problem

BSOD when put in to sleep mode

BSOD please tell me what's wrong?

BSOD upon user log in

Blue screen crash randomly

BSOD Randomly

Can jetAudio cause a Blue Screen on Ultimate x64?

Blue screen error when using ICS

BSOD caused by driver issues?

Windows Update error 780 - leading to Blue Screen Crash

Computer freezes and can result in a BSOD

Blue screen while using chrome

Different BSOD everyday

BSOD while online and on startup

Getting daily BSOD in WIN7 machine

BSOD on my new computer

BSOD While installing anything using installshield

BSOD while watching youtube videos

Pleaze HELP ME! (Windows 7 ultimate x64 BlueScreen)

BSOD problems. Minidump included

BSOD randomly occurs

BSOD Post October 6

BSOD occurs intermittently during use

BSOD just after cleaning some dust off mu computer.

BSOD When Computer Enters Sleep Mode

Multiple crashes / Graphical BSOD.

BSOD appears often on various times

Sudden BSOD on startup

BSOD randomly but frequent. Usually a game involved but not always.

BSOD randomly crashing error 0x0000007e

Ati2dvag.dll Bsod on StartUp. Pls Help!

BSOD After random amount of time

various BSODs mainly when doing video work

Sudden BSOD

BSOD when laptop's video output is interupted.

Blue Screen of Death Windows 7 x64

Multiple BSOD's when running high performance software

BSOD watching Youtube video

Toshiba Satellite BSOD

BSOD Win 7 Home Premium partition

Blue Screen Before Login

BSOD on HP laptop.

Repeated random BSODs on laptop. Errors differ with each.

BSOD Different problems Help!

BSOD After Waking Up From Sleep (Reformatted PC)

BSODs just after windows start up

Computer Crashed - getting the blue screen and nothing else

blue screen of death after installing xp over my win 7 home basic

Blue Screen error~help~

BSOD after random

Several Different BSODs

one BSOD after another BSOD

big bsod problem

lots of random bsod help plz

BSOD problems!

usb2vcom blue screen

BSOD on new Dell Vostro desktop

BSOD after Starting Windows

BSoD on new Computer. Please help

BSOD on business computer

BSOD after Reformat/SSD

Random BSOD after playing any game

BSOD While doing anything (at least 6 different ones)

BSOD while Shutting Down the Windows

Computer BSODs every Wednesday

BSOD on shut-down

Getting a Blue Screen of Death Occasionally

several bsod occur and still getting old minidump files

BSOD overnight crashes


BSOD W7 64bit

BSOD Unknown Cause and not always same error generated

BSOD while new laptop is booting from Win 7 installer (DVD)

BSOD watching Twitch and updating Starcraft 2 error 0x00000050

BSOD From the Start

BSOD after start-up

BSOD - Different Errors

BSOD during CHKDSK at startup

Constant 0x116 BSOD

Numerous BSOD probable driver issue

Randomly BSOD on Laptop Win7 Pro x64

Multiple BSOD's randomly or after restart/shutdown

Wifi Network Adapter not detected by Windows & after BSOD

Crash with opening a game from steam and get blue screen

i keep getting bsod a after java update.

3 bluescreens today

Help with Blue Screen.

BSOD primarily while gaming

BSOD multiple times with different errors

BSOD when working with audio file in ableton

BSOD Whilst using computer in various situations

BSOD while gaming / booting games

Different BSOD every time it happens.

BSOD - Various Errors

BSOD while playing the only game on my Laptop

BSOD startup problems and message change to configuration

BSOD hell on brand new system

Random BSOD during startup

BSOD flashes after windows logo

BSOD playing YouTube video's

Different BSOD's - Mediacenter PC - IRQ_NOT_EQUAL

BSOD Asus lappy after coming out of hibernation

Spontaneous BSOD on fresh install Win7 Ult. Need help diagnosing.

BSOD on desktop appearing after two previous crashes

BSOD after the Windows 7 Logo screen

Consistent BSOD minutes after logging in

BSOD on startup after format

BSOD during Starcraft II

BSOD After Boot


BSOD moments after starting up PC

BSOD while restarting my Windows 7 machine

BSOD when switching from single monitor to dual(monitor + TV)

BSOD after login.minidump included

BSoD after install! Help plz

A BSOD a day keeps debuggers at play :|

BSOD And Bootup message

BSOD Problem (Contents attached)

Window 7 Blue screen

BSOD last 2 nights

Random BSOD again =\

BSOD 10~ Seconds After Startup | Multiple Possible Reasons

Blue Screen after attempting SID Change

BSOD and restarts

How do i fix this BSOD with various dump messages

System restore not working after BSOD

BSOD all of the sudden

BlueScreen crash game

BSOD with administrator problems

BSOD upon sleep/hibernate for laptop

Blue Screen Win 7 x64

Blue screen error

bsod after usb windows clean instal

Random BSOD (and SSD issue)

unexpected BSOD after hanging my computer


BSOD Resuming from Suspend/Sleep

BSOD start up

three BSOD's with different error codes

BSOD when using internet

BSOD: "BAD_POOL_CALLER" after exiting game(s)

bsod says failure system

Fresh install Win7 32 bit - blue screen

Internet Caused BSOD

BSOD with no system navigation at all

Optical Mouse Input causes BSOD

BSOD again

Need help fixing BSOD.

BSOD causing intermittent power to monitor on boot

BSOD during streaming or KODI

BSOD i can go just in safe mode

[BSOD HELP] Please help!

BSOD after rebuilding OS

Help. Stable for a week or so then BSOD.

BSOD after sending computer to Sleep Mode

BSOD: Paused YouTube video

Another BSOD post.

BSOD before and after reformat

blue screen with bbcode 109

BSOD after i updated windows.

BSOD running system backup.

BSOD on a fresh install (win7 pro 64 bit)

BSOD when shutdown/restart

BSOD after starting an online game

BSOD error A

BSOD almost everytime I use internet.

BSOD happens randomly.exhausted options

BSOD every 3 days while at idle

BSOD on W7 on new notebook

BSOD during videogame

BSOD-Restarts my computer

BSOD when computer starts up

BSOD during boot

BSOD Restarting problems

Help with a BSOD

Blue Screen's again

BSOD whenever I start up

Update for a fix of BSOD

Random blue screens all day long!

BSOD running a model

Blue Screen almost instant on restart (Different)

Mulitple BSOD while downloading on Steam and general internet

Windows 7 BSOD problems

BSOD unknown origin

BSOD but only on certain programs

Is Older driver causing BSOD? How to fix?

BSOD -- It's not what you think!

Very regular BSOD. Most often error 0x000001E

BSOD - Video Related

tdx.sys causing BSOD - Fixed!

Blue screen after sleep

STOP: C0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing from you

Increasing incidence of BSOD on MSI GT683 - suspect memory problem

New Build - Daily BSODs

Blue screen sometimes on XPS M1530 x64

BSOD every now and again. Run out of solutions

This BSOD has gone on long enough

Random BSOD shutdown and restart help please

BSOD at very random times. Never at startup

BSOD several times a day different stop errors

BSOD 5 minutes after logon

Random BSOD on new HP laptop

BSOD when running Netflix and other graphics

Trying to Dual boot with XP - Blue Screen STOP 0000007B

Constant BSOD

BSOD playing any video game after 2-4 AMD driver crashes

Blue screens

Daily BSOD when starting any game

First BSOD

BSOD when start windows

Blue screen hardware problem.

Random BSOD's @ new PC

Still getting BSOD even after re-installing windows

BSOD various messages

Computer crashed. Now BSOD upon start up.

Blue Screen after leaving room and returning - Now will not Boot

BSOD after Hibernate

bluescreen after fresh install

BSOD after 1 or 2 hours of using my PC (not necessary gaming)

Frequent BSOD Every 2-3 hours (usually while gaming)

Microsoft-Windows-Networking-Internet_Authentication causing bsod

Frequent & random BSODs for months on new laptop

BSOD on boot

BSoD on fresh OS (Win7 UltimateN x64)

Randomly BSOD while downloading. (6 BSODs in 2 days)

BSOD @ every Startup

BSOD on a clean install sys

BSOD all the way to non boot

BSOD on account login

BSOD's after buying new RAM

BSOD. while in a video game

just started getting BSOD on my PC

BSoD when go to sleep or hibernation

Help - BSOD Win7 64 bit

BSOD on wondows 7 64-bit

BSOD When starting computer

BSOD after booting

BSOD playing various steam games.

BSOD When Turning off PC.

BSOD & Non-BSOD Crashes

BSODs since installing new GPU

BSOD Error While Laptop Is Shut So I Can Go Do Stuff.

BSOD upon initial boot

BSOD seems to happen randomly

Getting igkamd64.sys BSOD occasionaly on startups.

BSOD screen

BSOD always unexpectedly

BSOD every time

BSOD continues after Reinstalls.

BSOD every month

BSOD after installing/uninstalling MSI products

BSOD while at Desktop

BSOD after a weeks rest

1st BSOD ever

Blue Screen of Death loop

Random BSODs after clean windows install.

BSOD every weekend

BSOD when connecting TV via HDMI cable

BSOD while Installing

Blue Screen at start up

BSOD while using bank acccount.

BSOD during playing

Few different BSOD at random times

New Hardware Same BSoDs

windows doesn't load l/a bsod flashes on screen

PC suddenly BSOD

Blue Screen at Random Times During Shutdown (dump file linked)

BSOD doing word processing

Last week i get many (almost daily) BSOD's in Windows 7

Getting BSOD while playing Dragon Age 2

Network Driver Causing BSOD

BSOD randomly. Custom Computer

Blue Screen Crash

New PC Random BSODs

BSOD while loading/closing certain applications

Crashes/Bluescreens for a year

BSOD - programs crashing problem

Need help for BSOD!

playing minecraft and gets bsod!?

BSOD when logging off and issues shutting down

BSOD 0x00000024 (boot loop & other issues)

BSOD whenever i load to many facebook tabs.

Many different errors for bsod.

BSOD constantly

Blue Screen Death w File Not Found error: settings.TKN

BSOD - Computer Reboot Issue

BSOD on boot-up and shut-down.

BSOD (probably hardware)

Keep getting bluescreens

BSOD during gaming

Bluescreen Crash help

BSOD when do nothing

BSOD around every 10 days on Windows 7

Too many BSODs

BSOD random after installing windows

Blue Screen of Death STOP CODE: 0x00000116

First boot BSOD

BSOD - Win 7 x64

BSOD Win7 X64 error! changed major components and still BSOD!

BSOD occurring during lock screen

Gettting BSOD

Random BSOD before bootup or after starting windows

Again a Blue Screen on Win7

Blue screen W7

BSOD Kernal Issues

display related bsod

I am not sure it is BSOD?

Problem with Windows 7 startup and a BSOD

Win7 32-bit Daily BSOD crashes (dmp files included)

I get a BSOD when I play any game.

Random small freezes for a second and blue screens of death

BSOD after factory restore on 2 separate machines

Getting BSOD while gaming

Windows Crash - Blue Screen

Blue Screen while computer at sleep mode

BSOD errors Windows 7

win32k.sys blue screen when closing mozila after a long run

Long Shutdown then BSOD after Win7 update

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